I will create effective slogans or tagline for your business

I will design great taglines or slogans for your business based on the information you give me about what you business is and the industry it operates in. This will help me design some catchy taglines and slogans that can be used to bolster your brand identity and improve the appearance or your website and social media platforms.

The taglines and slogans will be sent on a powerpoint document as I will also include some generic photos that I think would accompany the taglines and slogans well for use online. The photos will be copyright free so if you wish to use them I will also leave a link for you to access them.

Taglines are best used for product of services pages or work great as social media banners. Slogans act in a similar way but are more implied for the business as a whole. Personally I recommend a good slogan that works for building your brand identity and some good taglines for the different products or services you provide so there’s something different for each landing page.

I would also recommend seasonal taglines (e.g. autumn related taglines) as this can be a great look for your social media platforms.