I will create dominating taglines and slogans for your business, products or services

Coming up with taglines can be a pain. The tagline or slogan of your company is the most critical element of your brand and the most difficult to create. I try to make this process as LOGICAL, CLEAN, and PAINLESS as possible.

Our team of professionals conducts deep research into your industry, competition, and customers to get a clear understanding of what resonates with them.


I am Vik, a professional copywriter with 10 years of experience under my belt. I specialise in writing taglines, blogs and advertisements.


I am sure you’ve noticed that coming up with a snappy tagline can be a REAL PAIN, right? That’s why I’m here!

This month (August) only, I have decided to offer my services for just $20. It’s the perfect chance to get your marketing message off on the right foot.

What do you say? Let’s chat about how I can help your business!


I communicate only in English and Hindi. With my team of Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog-speaking people, I can deliver you the content in any of these languages.