I will create a realistic artificial language with extensive vocabulary


Hi there! Welcome to my Fiverr gig for fantasy language creation. I’m Frederico Schroeder, a professional and passionate fantasy language creator for fictional worlds and gaming universes.

I create every language from scratch. This means conceiving of and building a 100% original language that slips seamlessly into your unique universe’s past, present, and future.

As a trusted Fiverr seller of professionally constructed fantasy languages with 15 years of conlanging experience, I deliver EVERY gig with a comprehensive, HIGH-QUALITY PDF, spanning:

  • 100% CUSTOM-MADE, realistic Languages
  • Extensive, coherent Vocabulary
  • Based on natural language evolution
  • Numeral System
  • Sample Sentences
  • Grammar (Let me know if you don’t need one)
  • GO PREMIUM to unlock: the worksheets used to build your language from scratch

Most of the custom requests I receive include creating sister, daughter, or proto-languages based on existing conlangs built by me or someone else – and even entire alphabets. Purchase as an extra or check out my other gigs:

“I will create a fictional writing system for you!”

“I will create a sister, daughter, or proto-language for your conlang!”