I will create a 4 percent cvr product descriptions for your ecommerce store

Hi, my name is Pieter. Nice to meet you!

Overwhelming isn’t it right?

Searching for the best freelancer to hire for your Product Description…

There are indeed so many, but which one is the best?

I guess I am now meant to say, ”No please don’t go, buy my package bla bla”

Point is, I don’t really care if you go.

What I do care about, if you decide to stay, is making you a killer product description and helping you with your store so you can fulfil your dreams, just like me…

Cause I have had several dropshipping stores myself, SHOCK.

I was a full time E-Commerce entrepreneur for well over 1,5 year, so I know a little something something.

But let’s say I became a ”Dropdripper” and balled a little too hard with my money…

BTW (Dutch VAT) came in and I didn’t have the money…

HUDE BUT, I had generated €60.000,- in only 48 days time. So let’s do that for you as well!

A little bit of what you can expect from me:

  1. I will help you until the end of times with refining your Product Description.
  2. The 3 F’s: Fast, Friendly, Funny


Copy’s, Product Pages, Store building, you name it. Hit me up if you want something custom!