I will copyedit your novel or nonfiction book

Great writing flows logically and carries its audience along effortlessly. Choices in diction and sentence structure can make all the difference in the reader’s experience, whether your writing moves them to emotion or bores them, whether the text persuades or alienates, excites or fatigues, affects or, well… doesn’t.

Problematic constructions and word choices can trip up your readers, disengaging them from your narrative and causing confusion or a loss of interest. If you’ve got a well-organized book, an engaging story, or a message to share, give it every chance to win its audience with a professional revision for clarity, cohesion, and coherence.

NOTE: Projects are not accepted blindly, so please do reach out to discuss a revision for your manuscript. Once we have agreed on project scope, pricing, and delivery, I will gratefully welcome your order!