I will complete a manuscript assessment and developmental edit

I am here to be a fresh pair of eyes on your completed draft and offer constructive feedback. My Manuscript Assessment and Developmental Edit will ensure that you feel secure about the next steps that you can take to polish your text.

How does a Manuscript Assessment and Developmental Edit work?

During initial contact questions, I will include a questionnaire about your manuscript. It is not compulsory that you complete it, however, it will provide me with a better understanding of your overall aims and intentions.

I will then read through your manuscript at least twice, critiquing the base components of:






-Narrative Style

-Tense sequence

-Organisation of plot

You will receive a detailed editorial letter which will outline positives about the various components, and suggestions about how to improve content or hone your skills. You will also receive your manuscript with Microsoft Track Changes and a ‘clean’ edited version.

I am looking forward to working with you and to assist you in bringing your story to life.