I will capture the spirit of your product in a wonderful tagline

My process reflects an internalization of the brand’s universe, put down in words in the tradition of advertising copywriting. I begin with a study of what the company does, what’s its competitive advantage, where it aims, who’s trying to seduce. My method follows with a study of the company’s strenghts / weaknesses, compared to its competitors, and the clearing of the less promising ones in favour of that strenght (or weakness: surprisingly, in the absence of a solid advantage, it’s possible to turn weaknesses into strenghts), with the potential to build the brand’s selling proposition. The same technique allows me to craft that punchy, beautiful slogan that will not only differentiate the products or the services the company provide from the one its competitors make or serve, but it will also begin the long – but rewarding – process of positioning the brand in the target’s mind. They don’t have to be physical strenghts. With the product/service over saturation and the ever challenging strive to differentiate one product from another physically, in advertising we are used to work with perceived or imaginary advantages too.

If it reads good, I bet it will sound amazing.