I will beta read your writing with the utmost care

I would love to read your writing and give you feedback!

I’m a political science major, a fan of all types of prose, and a writer myself. Because of this, I love to read other people’s work and provide constructive feedback to make their writing the best possible. Let me do that for you!

I pride myself on being an active reader, which is why I utilize a checklist to ensure the best quality of my suggestions and edits. Some examples of questions I ask myself are:

What are the seeming intended goals of this project versus what is actually being accomplished?

How well is the intended tone being conveyed?

How clear are the characters depicted? The world?

And most importantly:

How can this project be improved?

Beyond asking myself important questions as I read, I provide in-document comments and suggested edits. Along with this, I include a one- to two-paged Reader Report that will more broadly address any improvements, weaknesses, strengths, etc. about your manuscript, screenplay, essay, etc.

If you have a project that is above my word limit, please reach out! I would still love to have the opportunity to assist you!