I will beta read your work, and give honest feedback and critique

I am an avid reader and writer, and would love to read your work.If your piece contains romance of any kind, I am the girl for the job. My two literary loves are romance and poetry, and this is where I can give you the best feedback. it does not matter whether it is suspense or thriller, as long as romance is a theme that runs through your work of fiction. As for poetry, any kind of poetry will do. I believe honesty is important in good feedback, so I will strive to be as honest as possible.

As I read your manuscript, the following is what I will be looking for:

·Characters: Are they interesting? Are they realistic? What emotions do they elicit in me?

·Plot/Structure: I will help to point out plot holes and inconsistencies. Is the pacing too fast/slow?

·Dialogue/Voice: Is your voice strong throughout the work? Does your dialogue flow naturally?

. Tenses: Are there any tense issues?

With poetry, I will be looking at

.What is this poem trying to accomplish? How is it already doing that well?

.What can be clarified/improved upon

In addition to the report, I will also offer in-document comments. I am so excited to be a part of your writing journey!