I will beta read your story to make it shine

You’ve written a novel, novella, short story … and you need some reading noses in it. A beta reader is what you need! Editors are the polish of the novel. They don’t look for things like plot holes, character consistency, or flow throughout the manuscript.

That’s where I come in! I am a published author, so I appreciate the importance of beta readers to fortify the strength of a novel.

I spend the majority of my week reading and writing. I’ve seen every type of writer or novel there is. That’s what makes me so good at this!

This is what you get when I read something:

-Style corrections

-Character consistency

-Plot flow

-The perfect first chapter

-Looking for ‘Real’ Dialogue

-Perfect description – character and setting!

-Keeping the relationships honest

-Staying within the voice of the story

-Adverb correction

-Word usage

-And much more!

I provide all of this in a timely manner, and I won’t hold my punches back. You aren’t going to get anywhere with a shy beta reader. All my criticism is for the betterment of your story or idea.

Bring your words this way! Let me at em’!