I will beta read your novel with critique and feedback

Hello there!

My name is Maxine, and I will be your handy-dandy, all-inclusive beta reader this evening. I have been a professional proofreader since 2017, and have edited everything from short stories to full-length novels. Coming-of-age stories to historical fiction, I’ve handled it all. I learned to read at age 4, and haven’t been able to put a book down since!

I have a sharp eye with keen attention to detail. It’s my job to show you what is working for your book, and where I feel it falls short, as well as possible plot holes and loose ends.

What I promise to deliver:

  • At least 2 pages (depending on the length of your book) of in-depth critique and feedback
  • Answers to any questions you have for me as a beta reader
  • Identification of possible plot holes and loose ends
  • Comprehensive review of what is working for your story and what isn’t

Please submit your document in a MS Word (.docx) file, I will submit my feedback in the same format.

I accept all custom offers, specifically to suit your budget and job requirements.

Current rate: $100 / 20,000 words

(Contact me for a custom quote based on your word count. The higher the word count, the less you pay!)