I will beta read your light novel or comic and provide feedback

The purpose of my gig is to help writers who need someone to read over their story and get a second opinion on it. This is also for writers who just want to improve their story in general.

This Gig includes:

  • making sure your story is consistent
  • Provide thoughts on characters, setting and tone.
  • Making sure the plots flows throughout the story
  • Provide ideas and questions to help improve the story
  • A discussion about my overall opinion of your story.
  • Zoom meetings (optional)

I believe that communication is key to producing any type of good work. This will lead to each package being produced to both of our satisfaction.My goal is to make sure that you are confident with the hard work that you’ve put into your story.

Make sure to message me before ordering the gig.

I appreciate everyone who decides to work with me and continue to work with me.