I will beta read your fiction, fantasy, sci fi, dystopian book

Please message me before placing an order!

Hey. Are you done with your manuscript and want a reader’s point of view now? You are at the right place! I absolutely love reading fiction, dystopia, fantasy, thriller or young adult and would love to give you an honest opinion about your book.

I will beta read your manuscript and provide a detailed report on the following.

  • Plot and Pacing
  • Character Development
  • Story Structure
  • Dialogue
  • Any confusing parts
  • Emotional Impact
  • Believability

I will also provide in-line thoughts and reactions in your editable Word document or a PDF file.

Please note that this service does not include a detailed spelling or grammar check, but I will highlight spelling mistakes that I come across for your convenience.

Do keep in mind, I do not beta read non-fiction or self help books or provide line editing services.

If your novel does not fit into the mentioned word count, message me so that a custom order can be created.