I will beta read and provide feedback and detailed critique for your manuscript

Hello! I am an experienced beta reader for indie authors who have since published their stories. I have been offered a traditional publishing contract but turned it down due to focusing on school. I am published in literary magazines in the genre of fiction and poetry. I mainly work in fiction and non-fiction.

With this gig, I will read your manuscript with a developmental and friendly eye, meaning I will have an eye to catch anything that points out, but also a passive reader who sees your manuscript for the story, not for the edits. In other words, I will have two sets of eyes looking and reviewing your manuscript. Each gig comes with a one-page detailed readers’ report that will be sent via Microsoft Word. Here is what I will include in the readers’ report:

• What Works and Lifts Your Story.

• What Doesn’t Seem To Work.

• Character Development.

• Dialogue Critique/Development.

• Writing Style (flow, consistency).

• Overall Tone/Mood

• Other Additional Comments.