I will be your trilingual beta reader and provide honest feedback

Are you about to publish your work, whether it be a short story or the next best-selling novel, but would first like to get an honest reaction from an average but enthusiastic beta reader? Then you are at the right place!

During my childhood I have travelled around the world and experienced different cultures along the way, unleashing my passion for stories and travel. Regardless of any culture or country, stories have the power to bring people together. This is where I am going to help you!

I will beta read your English, Spanish, or Dutch novel, regardless of the genre, and provide you with constructive feedback.

You will get a detailed report with:

  • Honest and helpful advice about the bigger picture (plot, pacing, clarity, structure, characters, and content).
  • My overall experience reading your work.
  • Ideas/ suggestions that I annotate while reading!

Please note:

  • I do NOT provide line edits
  • Iā€™m NOT a professional editor.
  • I work with PDF or source files (.docx, .doc, .gdoc, .odt, etc.)

PS: I love a good thriller, and stories based on real life events are a personal favorite! But of course, any genres are welcome šŸ™‚