I will be your tough love beta reader

Wall Street Journal, USAToday, Washington Post, and Amazon Top 3 bestselling editor

This beta reading gig is for fiction and memoir only. Non-fiction (self-help, etc.) isn’t included, sorry!

If you want to know if your book is strong enough to compete at a commercial level–and what it will take to get there–this beta reading service is for you. As your beta reader, I will:

✔️Analyze your opening hook,assessing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

✔️Deliver comprehensive audio noteson character and plot development, pace, structure, tone, style, commercial viability, and much more.

✔️Answer your biggest question: Does your novel or memoir meet commercial standards, and what kind of updates are required?

My clients describe this process as eye-opening and empowering. I encourage writers to only invest in high-level beta reading if they are ready to implement significant structural updates and see their story from new perspectives.

⚠️ This beta reading gig is fornovel-length fiction and memoir. For short stories, screenplays, and children’s books, contact me for a quote. Most non-fiction is excluded but I’m happy to refer other beta readers. Thanks!