I will be your public relations and media outreach person in india

I will offer your the best in the entire spectrum of PR and communication solutions, including ideation, content creation, delivery and media outreach across target media in the country.

My core competence is helpingclient organisations manage their communication, reputation and PR outreach with the help of a strategic and tactical team, that is well versed with all the facets of contemporary public relations. My clients cut across the industry and sectors, and include a judicious mix of small and medium sized business enterprises.

You would be well aware that a good PR program ought to be an integral part of the overall marketing exercise, and our team is well versed in planning, design and execution of communication and media outreach exercises for many clients. We wish to offer our expertise to your company too.

As a backbone to my PR service offerings, I have a strong research and media relations team to position our clientele (products/services/people) to the target media. It will be our fervent endeavour to constantly strive and offer better value for every marketing/PR rupee spent.

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