I will be your professional editor for a science fiction or fantasy novel

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I have seen a lot of content! So why am I here? Although I have a pro site, I enjoy encountering new people and works here on Fiverr. So let my experience from Hollywood studios to the biggest names in gaming work for you. If you want a real, professional line or developmental edit, this is your gig. If you are looking for cheap editing, look elsewhere! (You get what you pay for, especially with editing.)

Since I specialize in science fiction and fantasy, I offer genre insights on mechanics, characters, world building, and cliché. (I accept other genres as well. Just fill me in.)

Do not start a gig !

I prefer to set up custom orders after I understand your editing needs.

To help determine where you manuscript is at, and the best way for us to move forward in collaboration, check out the FAQ questions below.

Message me and let’s talk. If we remain unsure on how to proceed, I may offer you a $5 sample edit so you can examine the quality of my edits. When we agree to move forward, I will make a custom gig for the entire piece tailored to you.

I look forward to your words and worlds!