I will be your alpha reader

If you need a second set of eyes before you start the editing process, you have come to the right place! If you already worked through your manuscript and are looking for feedback on a later draft, check out my beta reading gig instead.

The feedback you can expect:

  • Characters: Are they fully fleshed out yet? Is their behavior consistent? Are they relatable, and if not, are they interesting in a different way?
  • Settings: Can I see your vision? Are the places original? Do they serve a purpose?
  • Plot development: Is it interesting? Do any plotlines drop away in the middle? Is the story exciting enough to hold a reader’s attention?
  • Writing: Comments on dialogue and language, including the pace and flow of your writing overall.
  • General: If you need gentle feedback, let me know. Not everyone has thick skin, so I try to be thorough but not harsh.

Apart from body horror, I will read stories that include mature themes or graphic sexual content.

I’m happy to read single chapters or unfinished novels as well. Message me for a custom order if you’re interested in one of those options!